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Releasing the Roadmap for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Join us for the launch of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Roadmap 2030 hosted at the Sustainable Places Conference. What you can expect:

  • See the SDIA present its plan to move the Digital Infrastructure sector to zero-emissions and how to measure progress
  • Learn how the Transformation of the Sector is financed and how it creates a new Business Case for Data Centers & Digital Infrastructure providers
  • Learn more about the Technologies that are found on the Roadmap, in Expert Deep Dive Sessions
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Keynote & Event Agenda

It all starts Tuesday 27th of October 2020, 10:00 CET.

Tuesday 27th October - Day 1
11:00 Mohan Gandhi & Max Schulze Welcome and Roadmap Teaser
14:00 Young-jin Choi "What will it take to win the #racetozero? How impact investing and the built environment can contribute.”
14:45 Pierre Alexandre Hughes-Daly Digital Infrastructure - Market Update and Debt Financing Themes
Wednesday 28th October - Day 2
9:00 Anna Lyubina Why do we need a sustainable digitalization – smart green infrastructure
9:45 Trevor Hinkle Bringing the Climate Impact of Electricity Back to Reality
10:30 Chris Adams Sustainability in the Software Layer
11:15 Gunnar Schomaker Gamechanger Virtualization - an innovation thriller on the data center playing field
14:45 Karl Rabe Integrated energy the future of HPC
15:30 Dr. Jens Struckmeier Sustainable and secure data centers with heat recovery
16:15 Dr Birger Ober Heat Recovery in Practice - The Journey to a Carbon Neutral Future
Thursday 29th October - Day 3
13:00 Mohan Gandhi Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030
13:45 Max Schulze A Sustainable Digital Economy: Decoupling Growth from Energy & Resource Consumption.
14:30 John Laban
Call to action: Measuring Data Centre Carbon footprints and how to decarbonise through innovations in the open collaborative commons.
15:15 Lasse Schneppenheim Why we need to think about Sustainability in Digital Infrastructure now. And how the Alliance facilitates the journey towards it.
Friday 30th October - Day 4
10:00 Deborah Andrews & Beth Whitehead Curving the Line - Circularity in the Data Centre
10:45 Ali Fenn

Clouds are not Linear: Unlock the full power of sustainable IT infrastructure with circular economic models

11:30 Sophia Flucker 

Total data centre environmental impact

About the Alliance

Listen to Max Schulze, the Executive Chairman of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance introduce the Alliance and its mission.

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